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Dietitian is a protected term meaning that only qualified practioners registered with The Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) may use the term.  The qualification to be a Dietitian in the UK is a degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics Bsc. 

In addition to this qualification and registration Diana has over 18 years experience as a Dietitian working both in NHS and private sector.  Diana is an experienced and sought after public speaker, having presented at many nutritional and medical conferences as well as health and wellbeing events.

Diana is a full member of The British Dietetic Association and The Freelance Dietitians Group

Dietitians only give evidenced based nutritional advice unlike many others working in this sector. Evidence based means that medical clinical trials have shown a significant benefit of following the proposed dietary advice.

Having had a broad training in all aspects of human nutrition a Dietitian is able to advise on all dietary treatments.  Often people have more than one dietary requirement for example they may have diabetes and IBS. A Dietitian is able to formulate dietary plans and advice which meet the needs of more than one condition, so that you will not be given conflicting advice. A Dietitian will always ensure that your diet remains balanced meeting all your nutritional requirements so you will not become deficient in any important nutrients.

You will never be given a long list of foods to avoid with no plan of what you can eat or how this is to fit into your life!  Dietitians are trained to give clear advice that is tailored to the individuals lifestyle so that dietary changes are made as easily as possible.

You can trust a Dietitian to give safe evidenced based dietary advice

Nutritionist or Nutritional Therapist is not a protected term meaning that anyone may use these titles regardless of any training or expertise.  Whilst some do have a recognised qualification in Nutrition some may not.

You can find Diana Anderson's Registration at www.hcpc-uk.org