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I decided to hire Diana after years of Yo-Yo dieting which had ruined my metabolism.  I was also suffering with a raised level of the hormone prolactin as well as suffering 3 miscarriages.  Diana was very knowledgeable and created a realistic plan for me to stick to to change my eating habits for good.  I was so surprised at how much I could actually eat and that it wasn't all lettuce leaves and no carbohydrates, like so many diets at the moment.  The plan was easy to stick too and I really enjoyed the normal food.  I have lost a stone since first meeting Diana. As well as bringing all my hormone levels into normal, and being discharged from the hospital, I am now 18 weeks pregnant with my first successful pregnancy which I think was definately helped with the change in my eating habits.  It wasn't a diet but a complete transformation in my eating habits and lifestyle. I can highly recommend Diana
Mrs G Vickerage September 2015

Into month 5 and my husband and I have no intention of changing from the plan you provided.  I can't thank you enough for enabling me to take control of my weight.  Apart from being very competent at your job you are also caring.  You have a great personality which made working with you a pleasure.
Mr & Mrs Thorpe July 2015  Combined weight reduction 3st 7lbs (22kg)